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Russell Ferguson
Ariana Debose
Ashleigh DiLello
Bianca Revels
Billy Bell
Brandon Dumlao
Channing Cooke
Ellenore Scott
Jakob Karr
Jonathan Litzler
Justin Kenney
Karen Hauer
Kathryn McCormick
Kevin Hunte
Kimalee Piedad
Legacy Perez
Mollee Gray
Nathan Trasoras
Noelle Marsh
Pauline Mata
Peter Sabasino
Phillip Attmore
Ryan DiLello
Victor Smalley
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Voted Off
Who Got Voted Off SYTYCD?

Unfortunately, we can't all be winners, so the voted off dancers on December 16, 2009 (Week 8) are Ashleigh DiLello, Ellenore Scott, Jakob Karr, Kathryn McCormick and Ryan DiLello.

Congratulations to them for their moments in the So You Think You Can Dance spotlight, and best wishes to them always!

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AD Home
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Season 6 Dancer of the Season:
Mollee Gray photo
Mollee Gray
Votes this Season: 6
Dance Factor Rating: 8.39

Vote for: Mollee | Others
Dance Factor Leaders:
Most Charismatic:
Ellenore Scott 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
Best Showman:
Mollee Gray 9.1 factoring 6 Votes
Most Graceful:
Mollee Gray 10.8 factoring 6 Votes
Sexiest Looks:
Karen Hauer 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
Most Energy:
Kathryn McCormick 9.8 factoring 3 Votes
Most Adaptable:
Kathryn McCormick 10.4 factoring 3 Votes
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Jakob Karr
close-up of Jakob Karr
Jakob Karr
Votes this Season: 0
Dance Factor Rating: 8.39

Vote for: Jakob | Others

Why was Jakob Voted Off?

Not Adaptable

Too Awkward

Poor Personality

No Sex Appeal

Weak Dance Skills

Never Stood Out

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